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Thank you for your interest in Convergence Consulting Partners.

I chose my company name not just as a tagline for an organization. It also represents the commitment and goals of my organization to attain the highest purpose of Do Well. Do Good. Do Both.™ My consulting practice integrates business and social operating practices to lead a “convergence” or a coming together of your strengths and resources to create value, generate advantage and leverage opportunity.

It also announces the embodiment of my passion to help people and organizations who recognize that change is needed. Together we develop a cohesive and realistic plan and define and implement outcomes to that end.

MY EXPERIENCE as an executive and consultant is enriched by my study of organizational leadership and learning, human development, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

MY WORK  focuses on leadership coaching, organization assessment, development and renewal, planning and facilitation and entrepreneurial approaches to change.

I believe…

  • Organizations today can do more and do better.

  • There are practical solutions to seemingly intractable problems and challenges.

  • Leaders are seeking new ways of thinking and developing their organizations.

  • People, the teams they form and organizations do better when they work from their strengths.

  • Sustainable change occurs when people who do the work are involved in generating solutions.

  • An entrepreneurial mindset is essential to understanding, navigating and leading through change and uncertainty.

Clients I serve…

These beliefs shape and influence my work with individuals and organizations. My consulting practice tailors services to the unique needs and context of each client. Client examples:

  • Organizations and teams, including boards, that seek a preferred future by using skilled assessment, strategic analysis and planning, organizational development and change implementation.

  • Executives who seek to enhance their practice through guided reflection and goal-setting.

  • Leaders who are navigating change, experiencing transition, or exploring opportunities.

  • Emerging leaders who are gaining voice, developing teams, and striving for impact.



About Me

Jeanne Bailey, PhD

I served as the CEO of United Family Medicine in Saint Paul for seven years, leaving in January, 2013. My commitment is to use both business and social operating practices to lead a “convergence” or a coming together of strengths and resources that create value, generate advantage and opportunity for organizations and individuals. This foundation builds your capacity to:

Do Well. Do Good. Do Both. ™

United Family Medicine, is a wonderfully complex system with a dual mission of service and teaching. Together, we accomplished much during my service as leader. This included expanded access to care and services; construction of a $15 million facility that included complex tax credit financing; establishment of major fund development program; and movement from a position of financial fragility to one of strength and the awarding of Federal Community Health Center status. It was a surprise and pleasure to learn that one of the reasons the board selected me as the CEO in 2006 was my entrepreneurial thinking and continuous approach to learning and opportunity.

I have taught entrepreneurship at the university level and co-founded the Institute for Women Entrepreneurs at St Catherine University. A former nurse, operations director and educator, I completed my PhD at the University of Minnesota in 2012. My in depth study was on the experience of social entrepreneurs. I am honored to have been recognized by The Women’s Press, the Business Journal and the Small Business Administration for past accomplishments.  I serve on the Women Venture loan committee, and am a member of the housing task force working to build a supportive apartment housing community for homeless youth in Ramsey County.

I am honored because others have described or endorsed me as an “entrepreneurial thinker” because of my leadership in creating a start-up organization, a new program, a new position or executing a business turn-around. My first career as a registered nurse and later work in community and academic settings provided invaluable lessons in many situations: leadership, organizational development, human resource and corporate capacity-building, and strategic navigation through complex administrative, technical, clinical and planning challenges.

What you may not know is that I love playing in the dirt (more correctly defined as soil) and can claim advanced “roadie” skills, having carried many amps, guitars and gig bags for my jazz-musician spouse for decades!

Presentations and Teachings

Discovering the Social Entrepreneur: Opportunity Found for HRD!  
15th International Conference on HRD Practice and Research: Edinburgh, Scotland  June 2014

Leadership in Uncertain Times
MNACHC conference with Peggy Metzer

Committed to Social Mission and Entrepreneurial Action: What is it Like to be a Social Entrepreneur?
SCORE ST Paul Chapter and  Metropolitan State University

Dynamic Decision-Making: Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit
St Catherine University with Miriam Vaughn Lee

Entrepreneurship and Purses: the Nexus of an Opportunity and the Perfect Purse
House of Hope Presbyterian Church

Small Business and Entrepreneurship
St. Catherine University

Entrepreneurship for Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Majors
St Catherine University 

FEATURED IN Voice of the Innovator by Jacqueline Byrd, Ph.D.




The End Result

Change is a product of thinking and acting.

Convergence is a coming together of ideas and experiences from different places in order to understand, maximize the benefits, find overlap in the perspectives and decide on a direction. Opportunities are identified as a result of working together so they can work differently and better. A path to the future can be developed and organizations and individuals can grow and change with an evolving blueprint.  When the right people are engaged in the process, organizations and individuals have greater capacity to restore, renew and diagnose and solve their problems.

Convergence Consulting Partners is built on my belief that cumulative knowledge and wisdom of “the many” creates the strongest case for making any change real and sustainable. My curiosity for solution-finding and effective facilitation has led to an abundant path of growth, learning and generosity from others. I have seen the results of this work create both economic and social value for organizations and individuals, confirming my appreciation of the human potential.


What others have said:

You bring an approach to nonprofit management that blends whip-smart thinking with a humble/approachable skill that makes people want to work with you.  You can succeed getting a group of people to a common goal line while individually feeling good about their role.


Our discussions helped lift me above the day-to-day and see the patterns  . . . they provided an outside perspective and insights that I needed. Providing resource material supported my interest in learning, teaching and the value of research – having help to develop a plan is like having a road map.


You have quiet, gentle tenacity rooted in data, research and confidence. You take the time to study an issue and to understand all sides before you act . . .in admitting to some struggle you allow others to feel it so they too can admit their fears, but in doing so they find it easier to follow your lead and get to where you need to go together.  Your quiet sense of humor is engaging and compels others to want to find out more.


You provided encouragement and an open door to discuss concerns I had. The coaching helped me think through challenges and how to take opportunity from every situation. You have a unique method of knowing when to provide insight from your professional experiences and when to hold back to allow someone to think through a situation. You always reminded my how my strengths as a leader came out in my thoughts and actions – I found this most helpful.


You have shown that you can help a board focus on their skills and work together to accomplish important tasks. Helping an academically-based organization to understand and value itself as a business is a clear tension – You were able to help them see new opportunities.


Clients listen to you because you have been there, done it – theory only goes so far. You are a unique leader in that, despite the success to date, something new can always be learned. 


I admire your commitment to effective communication and the ability to make complex situations comprehensible . . . stakeholders have sufficient information to make informed decisions.



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